Winter Break (March 2010)

It has been a cold and snowy winter and we needed another break (even though we recently returned from Egypt) so we took a motor trip to Arizona and California, and on the way back, stopped in Las Vegas.  Except for some snow in northern New Mexico, the weather was great for the entire trip.

We visited our good friends Dick and Joanne in Sedona, where Leon and Dick got out on the golf course and Carlene and Joanne went to some of the local sites and attractions.  We went to a St. Patrick' s Day dinner dance at the local VFW, where we enjoyed some corned beef and cabbage and danced the polka (we remembered how).

Our objective in California was for Carlene to return to Los Angeles, where she spent many years in nurse training, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in nursing at Mount St. Mary's, and working at the Good Samaritan Hospital in L.A.  When we were at Good Samaritan, Carlene visited with a secretary that had worked with her back then and enjoyed recalling people and events of the old days.  The hospital it self had not changed much over the years, although the networking of computers changed the operation quite a bit. 

To get to the beautiful Mount St. Mary's campus, we had to go up a winding road to the top of a hill overlooking L.A.  We couldn't help but take several pictures of this beautiful location.

We would have gone to more of Carlene's old stomping grounds, but the stop-and-go freeway traffic was discouraging.

Our first stop in California was at San Juan Capistrano, where we toured the old mission.  The swallows no longer return to Capistrano.  Probably, the proximity of the San Diego Freeway and suburban sprawl has something to do with it.

 California is a big diverse state, and we enjoyed driving along the Pacific Ocean and in the less-populated areas in the wine country.