Western Swing

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Wishing Mel a happy birthday on our first stop at Ridgeway, Colorado.


It was a long drive from Ridgeway to Vancouver, Washington, even with a motel stop near Boise.

Our second stop was an overnight stay with Bill and Vickie and a delicious spaghetti dinner.

Next was a short stop in Sandy, OR.  We caught Mark at work under a  trailer hitched to a large Army truck, getting ready for a trip to Alaska.  Mark is a collector of WWII vehicles, of which he has many.

It was a short stay, but we enjoyed meeting Mark's wife Sundy.


Mark outlined a few sight-seeing routs to Montana, including a stop at the Timberline Lodge at the foot of Mt Hood.

The Timberline Lodge is a 55,000 sq ft building built in 1937 and serves as a ski lodge and hotel.  It's architecture consists of rough wooden timbers and is a National Historic Landmark.

Still snow covered in mid July.  With some effort, you can see a chair lift, which was busy with skiers.

We arrived a day early for our rendezvous with Carl and Elsie, so we did some sightseeing in the Billings area.  We took in a state park which had caves inhabited by humans 7,000 years ago.

One cave had remnants of pictographs.  They were quite elaborate at one time, but are now weathered to the point they are hardly recognizable.

We had a nice visit with Laura, who recently moved into an assisted living facility.

A nice lunch was provided by Laura's son Bill.