The purpose of this website is to share with relatives and friends our travels and activities.  On this page, we describe our most recent activities. 

Our travels usually include one or two major trips a year and a few motor trips closer to home. 

You can give us comments on our adventures and activities tell us about your adventures and activities by sending an e-mail to:  leon@leonandcarlene.com


British Isles.  The weather was excellent for this time of the year, which made our tour of the British Isles extremely enjoyable.  To find out all about it, click here.


Brother Carl at 80.  We made a trip to Wadena, Saskatchewan to celebrate brother Carl's 80th birthday.  See some pictures, click here.


Extensive remodeling in 2017.   This year we underwent several extensive remodeling projects, including refinishing the deck, "remove and replace" bathroom tub, and putting stucco over the siding on the outside of the house.  We used contractors for the bathroom and stucco, but Leon re-finished the deck.  Click on the links for more information and pictures.

Greece.  We made a very enjoyable tour of Greece and its islands.  For more information and pictures click here.

At the Denver Aquarium.  The Denver Aquarium is an awesome place.  A must see for all Coloradoans and visitors, especially with children.  Our visit was special.   Click here for some pictures.

Canadian Thanksgiving.  While Colorado enjoyed record warmth, we encountered cold and snow in Saskatchewan.  The roads were especially slippery driving from Wadena to the airport in Regina.  It was great to see all our relatives.  For some pictures, click here