Spring Snow (April 2009)

After a very dry winter, we got hit with a 12-inch snowstorm on Easter, and then another 12 inches on the following Friday and again on Saturday.  It was a rather typical heavy wet snow that we often get in April.  The wet snow clung to the Ponderosa trees, and on trees where the limbs were asymmetrically distributed, the weight of the snow on one side pulled down the trees - all the way to the ground in many cases.  The branches and small trees are quite flexible and almost always return to their normal position when the snow drops off.

Last fall, a family of squirrels made a nest in a large tree near our house.  Their nests are usually high up the tree and fairly out on a limb.  They must be good engineers because the nest stayed perfectly intact in spite of the heavy, limb-bending snow.

The picture of Carlene holding the lily was taken on Easter.  The others were taken on the following weekend.

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