Shoulder Surgery

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The surgery was much more extensive than anticipated.  In addition to the sizeable tear in the rotator cuff, the surgeon found that the bicep tendon was frayed (from an old injury) and probably the source of some of the pain.  The bicep tendon connects the bicep muscle though the shoulder to the shoulder blade.  The surgeon cut off about three inches of the tendon and in stead of connecting it to the shoulder blade, connected it to a screw he put into the humorous bone.  All the repair and pictures were done via the arthroscopic procedure.

The procedure took about two hours.  Leon's arm was in a sling for six weeks.


Before surgery.  This guy wouldn't be smiling if he knew what was ahead.

After surgery.  There were three endoscope entry points: two in the upper arm (one shown) to clean up frayed tendons and insert anchors into humorous for the attachment of sutures to close tendon tear, and one near the arm pit to insert a screw and attach the bicep tendon to the humorous.

During surgery.  Frayed bicep tendon.  The rotator cuff tear can also be seen.

During surgery.  Rotator cuff tear.

During surgery.  Inserting anchor.

During surgery.  Rotator cuff completely closed.