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Cuzco was the historic capital of the Inca Empire.  It was the site of the elaborate and huge (700 priests resided) Temple of the Sun, whose walls and floors were covered with gold, and contained many gold statues.  When the Spanish conquistadors came, they removed all the gold and shipped it to Spain and demolished the temple and built the Santo Domingo Church on the site.  When we visited the church, we saw on some walls remnants of the temple.

On a hill above Cuzco, there are the ruins of the Sacsahuamán fortress, a large complex built with huge rocks, precisely put in place.  Next to the ruins is a large grassy area where Pope John Paul II said a mass before a huge gathering.  There, he apologized to the Inca decedents for the brutal actions of the conquering Spanish in the name of the Catholic Church.

Cuzco's tile roofs.

The dead are usually placed in above-ground burial places that are rented.  Descendants are expected to continue to pay the rent.  If they don't, the remains are removed and respectfully burned in a mass ceremony each November 1st.

Doors to the crypts are elaborately decorated with artifacts of the diseased.

Markets are large with a large variety.  Many people don't have refrigerators and shop daily for the day's meals.

An archway in the Sacsahuamán fortress.  The huge stones are shaved to fit precisely in the structure, which has withstood many earthquakes.

There are many earthquakes in this part of the world.  Most elevators contain the above warning.