Fire Mitigation - 2014

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The big tree next to the house presented some problems.  Although Leon has previously cut down several trees this size,  the tree was too close to the house for a do-it-yourself project.  Also, it would leave an unsightly stump.  So we contracted some professionals to take care of it.

Dying trees next to the house.

The pro that cut down the tree, first attached a steel cable half way up the tree.  The other end of the cable was attached to another big tree in the general direction he wanted the tree to fall.

A device called a come-along was inserted in the cable.  As the pro made a cut in the tree, his helper worked the rachet come-along to keep the cable taut and insure the tree fell away from the house.

After the tree was down, it had to be stripped of branches and cut to convenient lengths to be hauled away.


The renaining stump was ground down by a monster stump grinder.  We contracted a company to do the job.  The remote-controlled monster weighed 6,000 pounds and devoured the stump in a minute and a half.

Stump remains were 2 inches below ground level.

After applying some top soil, seed, and fertilizer, the area blends into the landscape. A few weeks later.
I cut down some smaller trees, and here's how the house looked after 2014 mitigation.