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Our first port was Kahului, Maui, where we stayed for two days.  The first day we took a hike with a group of nine and a guide through a rain forest to three secluded water falls.  The second day we visited a plantation and the lush Iao Valley.  At the first water falls, there was an opportunity to go for a swim in a pool at the base of the falls.  Our guide showed us we could jump of a ledge about 15 feet high into the pool.  Leon went for it.  Carlene stayed dry.

Hiking through the rain forest among an abundance of plants, flowers, and trees.  We sampled guava and passion fruit along the way.

Arriving at the first falls.

Swimming at the falls.

Climbing the rocks.

Jumping from the ledge.

Emerging from the pool.

Arriving at the second falls.

At the plantation we saw several fruit and nut trees.

At the top of a lush ravine in the Iao Valley.