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On Kauai, we took a bumpy, back-roads, four-wheel van ride across some pristine country to the rim of the long extinct Kilohana volcano, where we had a great panoramic view that included a shrouded Mount Wai-'ale'ale, the place that has the most rainy days per year in the world.   It has up to 350 rainy days annually.  Guess what?  It was raining when were there, but we got a nice picture of a rainbow.

Later we bumped along a dirt road to Mahaulepu Beach and walked in the amazingly clear surf.  It looked like a chicken family was having a picnic.  In reality, wild chickens can be seen in a lot of places in the islands.



Mount Wai-'ale'ale rainbow



Enjoying the sun on the beach.

Walking in the surf.

Chicken picnic


Gorgeous wild rooster