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We visited an archeological site of a village that thrived before the huge volcano eruption that devastated the entire island in 1613 BC.


The entire center of the island collapsed, leaving a large caldera that was filled in by the sea.

The lava ash fell in places to a depth of 200 feet.

We went on a sunset cruise on a small boat and made a few stops, including a place where we could climb to the top of a volcano.  We had a typical Greek dinner on board.

Along the way the captain got lost and Carlene had to take the helm and get us back on course.

We saw a few villages along the coast.

It was a nice but cool sunset

Santorini is famous for a white wine whose flavor is enhanced by the lava soil. The grapes are grown in bushes not vines because of the extreme arid climate.

Throughout  the tour we stayed in luxurious 4.5 star hotels like this one.