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We stood in a lot of lines on our vacation.  Although not peak tourist season, crowds were everywhere.  Here we wait in line to board the ferry to Mykonos.

The ferry boats traveling among the islands are like a metro bus system.  Many are quite large and hold 60 vehicles (including large trucks) and 1700 passengers.

The huge ramp at the back of the boat lowers to allow passengers and vehicles to disembark.

Carlene shopping in a white maze of small shops selling clothing and souvenirs.

The waters of the Aegean Sea are exceptional;  in the distance they are a beautiful blue in color and up close they are clear and clean.


On the Greek islands almost every building is whitewashed with a mix of lime dust, salt, and water.  When we were there, it looked like they were whitewashed the week before.  Well, they were, almost!  By tradition, the buildings are whitewashed each year just before Easter.

In addition to looking clean, the whitewash kills bugs.  Tree trunks are treated similarly.

Throughout Greece, feral cats and stray dogs roam around the city.  You see them everywhere.  Most are fed by the population, but not taken in.