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The acropolis is a huge rock, similar to a mesa, where several ancient structures exist. It's a difficult steep climb from the entry to the level of the Parthenon over slippery marble steps and gravel.

Behind us is the temple to Athena, god of war (among other things) which was the focus of celebrations in golden age of Greek civilization.

Another view of the Athena temple.

An amphitheater with the original area behind the stage and newly  restored seating thanks to a generous rich philanthropist.

A section of the Parthenon.

We watched an elaborate changing of the guard in front of the Parliament building.


After a day of site seeing and shopping, we went to a Greek restaurant had some genuine Greek food and saw an ethnic dance show.

Carlene was inspired and joined a kind of conga line that snaked among the tables and onto the stage.

One negative about our stay in Athens is that graffiti is everywhere, and it's pretty ugly.  City officials have given up and accepted it.