Garage Project

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We called in a wallboard contractor to redo the taping and plastering on the walls and ceiling.    After he was done, we had to put two coats of paint on the whole thing - not a fun job, especially the ceiling. 

We got some used cabinets and a large credenza from a Habitat For Humanity outlet (total cost $140), fixed them up and painted them.   The total storage capacity for tools and other typical items stored in the garage was significant.

We decided to apply an epoxy coat to the floor.  However a lot of preparation was required.  Plaster droppings had to be removed, as well as greasy stains.  Then an acid etching solution was applied to form a suitable surface for the epoxy.  We did half the garage at a time and applied two coats.  On the final coat, I rolled on the epoxy and Carlene sprinkled on the speckles, which gave the floor a professional look.


Workshop for a month-long project.

Cabinet doors painted one side at a time

Cabinets mounted and floor half done.

Before patching, cleaning and epoxy application.

After epoxy application.

Finally finished and worth all the effort.