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Our tour was a circle of western Europe by bus.  We saw a lot of the country, and stayed a very short time at each location, but long enough to gain insight into the environment and culture.  Our excellent guide, who stayed with us from the first day to the last, taught us much.

The flight arrangements were made by the travel company, and included a five hour delay at the Dulles airport, enough time to visit with Leon's sister, Caroline, and her husband, Bob, who live in Centerville, VA - a short distance from Dulles.

The travel company also gave everyone a pre-trip roster of those on the trip and thier home towns.  Fellow tourists came from all over the country and to our surprise there was a couple, Bob and Susan Rauscher, from Buffalo, NY, where Leon grew up.  It turned out, incredibly, that Leon and Bob went to the same high school.  Not only that, they graduated in the same year.


Our international flight went from Dulles to Frankfort, Germany, where we met our fellow travelers and started our adventure.  Our first stops on the bus were in Germany, then to Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and back to Frankfort, Germany for our flight home.


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