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Cuba's history can be divided into four periods:  Colonial (1495-1895), Independence (1895-1958), Socialistic allied with Soviet Union (1960-1990), and Socialistic post Soviet Union (1990-present.  During the Colonial period, Cuba flourished to the benefit of the wealthy with ties to Spain.  After independence from Spain, the country struggled under dictatorship.  Relative prosperity existed after the communist revolution, primarily because of Soviet aid.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, foreign  aid ceased and Cuba suffered greatly.  Lately, Cuban economy has improved through government initiatives, especially tourism.


The two heroes whose images are displayed prominently are Jose Marti for his role in the war of independence from Spain, and Che Guevara for his role in the communist revolution.  Surprisingly, Fidel Castro's image is not often seen.


Che Guevara Museum


Ernest Hemmingway lived and wrote for many years in Cuba.  We visited his beautiful estate.




Restoration of ornate Colonial era buildings in Havana is being done, but the task is monumental with limited funds.