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When it comes to culture, what stands out is music and dance.  Baseball is big too.  We also visited an incredible display of mosaic murals and domes.


We visited a senior center and were treated to their music and a description of their activities.


Carlene and the rest of our tour group joined in the conga line.  You can watch a video clip by clicking here, but it may take several minutes to download.

We visited a neighborhood where the citizens during the hard times of the '90s turned a dump into a art and music center.

Baseball is big in Cuba.  On our visit to the Che Guevara monument, we came across a bunch of kids playing baseball in a park.  Note the rocks as bases.


They were using an old beat up ball.  A member of our group brought some baseballs as gifts and gave them a brand new ball.  They were thrilled.



At another stop, we saw an unbelievable display of mosaics gone viral.

The artist, Jose Fuster, couldn't stop - he created mosaic designs on walls all over the neighborhood.