Canada And The Rockies

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The map shows our long journey

Luther College did not change much over the last fifty years.  Carlene's dorm room and window were still there.

One of the highlights was the performance of a choir formed of alumni, and led by a retired music teacher.  The group performed beautifully at the closing ceremony.

After the Luther College celebration, we headed north to Wadena so Carl and Elsie could join us on our adventure.  We got there on the day of the Canadian Thanksgiving.

But before we continued on, we accompanied Carl on his last fishing day of the season.  However, he came up empty.

Inside Yellowstone Park we encountered a bison strolling on the road.  We pulled aside and he walked right up to our car before moving on.

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Old Faithful did its thing right on schedule.
Carlene took a walk along the many bubbling geysers.


It was a long drive from Yellowstone to Ridgeway, which we broke up with a motel stay in Price, Utah.  There were some scenic rest stops along the desert-like way


In Ridgeway, we celebrated Mel's 90th birthday.  Smiles put on a fabulous feast.

A short drive from Ridgeway is the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park so we had to make a visit.  This awesome canyon is deep and narrow and has many spectacular views.

Leon takes in the view.

On the way back to Colorado Springs,  we had lunch at our favorite rest stop along the Arkansas River.