North To Scotland

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The tour group gathered at Heathrow Airport after arrival and immediately left London headed north.


Our first stop was the town of Cambridge, the home of the prestigious Oxford University, where we toured the grounds

We wandered in a nearby mall where there was a large, red, cast-iron mail drop box. We saw these elsewhere; it's the standard. Red is the color associated with the postal service.


Our next stop was is Stratford -Upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace.

We toured the house and the garden, where we were entertained by actors giving segments of some of Shakespeare's plays.


Continuing our way north, we visited York and the National Railway Museum, with many huge engines and  cars, including the Japanese original bullet train.  After a day of walking on her painful knee, it was best to view the large museum from a wheelchair.


York has a wall (Hadrian's wall)stretching through the city that was originally built by the Romans in the first century and presently well maintained. Pieces of the 70-mile original wall are visible across the countryside.

Further up the road, we saw remnants of a Roman garrison along Hadrian's Wall.