Ireland (part 2)

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Our journey continued by the Irish Sea coast, along the Ring of Kerry, ending up in Killarney where we enjoyed dinner at a pub

Along the way, we stopped by a seaside town at low tide.


Leon and healthy fast food.  What a combination!


The next stop was Blarney Castle, famous for the Blarney Stone.  While some in our group climbed to the top to kiss the stone, we couldn't see a reason to do it.


Instead, we roamed about the beautiful grounds, which included a garden devoted to toxic plants, i.e., Poison Garden. Included in the garden was the marihuana plant.


The dungeon was scary.

Before crossing back to Wales, we toured the Waterford Crystal Factory.  We viewed the steps in creating the beautiful crystal.  At left is the trophy presented to the winner of the PGA golf championship.  At right is another fantastic trophy.  They are heavy!