Ireland (part 1)

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St. Patrick's Cathedral was founded in 1191 by the Roman Catholic Church.  During the reign of King Henry VIII, when he broke with Rome, it became part of the Anglican Church of Ireland.

We toured the Guiness Warehouse for a self-guided tour of the beer making process.  The best part of the tour was a pint of Guiness at the end of the tour.


We began our tour of Ireland at the Irish National Stud Farm.  Owned by the Irish government and run by contractors it competes in the multi-billion dollar horse race breeding industry.



 Pedigree means everything.

Ireland is a hotbed for horse racing, and the home of several stud farms.

We saw several recently-retired champions.  Among those is Hurricane Fly, shown here.  He had a long career as a hurdler and won over two million pounds.

The countryside as we traveled to and along the Irish sea was rolling, rocky terrain.  It was often overcast, so some of the beautiful scenery was hidden.


One of the highlights of the entire tour was a demonstration of a border collie herding sheep.  Here, the sheep are 100 yards down a hill.

The collie stood poised waiting the shepherd's call.  At the call he ran faster than I have ever seen a dog run toward the sheep, following the shepherd's barely audible commands, he herded the sheep up the hill.

He brought them to where the tourists were standing and kept them in a circle.

The collie loved to be petted.