La Palmas Home Visit

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The villagers have a varied lifestyle; they are largely isolated and self sufficient but enjoy some of the conveniences of the outside world.  For example they hunt, fish, gather and plant as their ancestors did, but they dress in manufactured clothes, use gasoline engines to propel there dugouts, and in one case we found a that a shotgun was used to hunt small animals.  They speak Spanish, barter and use the Peruvian Sole as currency.  They have large families, ten or more children is not unusual.
There houses are either built on peers to sit above the high water mark or built on a raft that can float as the river rises.  The structures consist of local wood, lashed together with vines (no nails) and thatched roofs.

The house of one of our host families.

A floating house along the river.

The host family had no furniture, just benches on the side

The day's catch.  Most common fish is the catfish.

Fish preparation:  Spiced, rapped in Marantha leaves and grilled on a wood stove.

Our lunch.  Fish, potatoes and vegeies.

Villager with trusty machete - razor sharp!

A bow and arrow is still used for hunting.  The villager demonstrated, then we took turns giving it a try, shooting at a fruit on a stump about 30 feet away.  Leon came close.

Villagers can't survive on gathering from the forest alone.  They have gardens (example, bananas and papayas) that grow fruits and vegetables.