Special Highlights

Some unusual and fun moments are captured in the pictures below.

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Villagers took us on a short dugout ride.


We fished for piranha.  Carlene landed one and hooked another but it got away.  Leon came up empty.

A butterfly seemed to like Leon.  It landed first on his binoculars and walked up his hand.  Then it flew off and landed on his shoulder.

Erik saw a villager come in from a hunt with a paca (large rodent) and bought it from her.  The chef on our boat used it in a casserole for our dinner that night.  He also prepared the piranha we caught.

We visited a shaman who performed a ritual for us.  With few doctors available in the Amazon,  shaman are consulted for a wide variety of physical problems.


On the final day of our tour, we had a long wait to catch our midnight flight.  It was a good time to hit the pool.