Birds and Animals

In general, the wildlife was plentiful but not close and could best be seen with binoculars or a telephoto lens.   Several of our fellow travelers took some great pictures.  All the pictures on this website were taken on the trip by either Leon/Carlene with a pocket Canon or Erik with his telephoto lens.  Erik, not only a great trip leader but an expert photographer, took most of the bird pictures.  He took all of the pictures on this page except for the toucan and iguana, which were taken by Leon.

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We got fairly close to the river dolphins, but they were difficult to photograph, because they would randomly appear above the surface for just a second.

Hoatzin is a primitive chicken-sized bird.  The young possess two large claws on each wing, a trait that has led some scientists to link the species with the fossil Archaeopteryx of the dinosaur era.

Toucan is a very colorful bird.  Other colorful birds we saw were macaws and parrots.

The frogs we saw were on our nature walk - some were just an inch or so long.

We saw sloths  high in trees above the flooded creeks.

A green iguana camouflaged in the bushes.